Being an introvert you would think that I would have a job where I would not be around people for most of the day, but I always seem to find myself in jobs where I greet people and I am the first face that a customer sees. The job I have now is the front desk position. Customers come in and I am the one that greets them. I call them on the phone to get them scheduled then I call them on the phone when they’re ready to pick up their vehicle. I deal with insurance companies all day long. It is completely draining, all I want to do when I get home is get into my pajamas and lay on the couch and do nothing.

My ideal job would be at a place where I have to talk to nobody, deal with nobody and see nobody, but I highly doubt that a job like that exists. For being an introvert I am a really friendly outgoing person. When I do have to deal with customers and other people I’m always friendly, I’m always professional and I always do small chit chat with them. I absolutely hate it. I work in a garage and the customers that I have to deal with are always very emotional because they just wrecked their car and they want to spill their guts about every accident they’ve ever had and complain about the way people drive. They just want to talk talk talk talk talk. I don’t mind talking about business and what we’re doing with their car and all of the things that go along with dealing with the customer and all the process but I don’t need to sit there and chitchat with them talking about their day-to-day lives. I think I need to start looking for a job that I don’t have to interact with a single soul!

Being An Introvert

Being an introvert is much more difficult than people think, I didn’t choose to be one, it just is what it is. Most people think I am shy or rude unless you are one of the very few that has made it passed my door, than you would think that I am one of the most out going people there are. I don’t choose who makes it passed my door, there are some that when I met for the very first time I let them in right away, it just depends on how comfortable I feel around you. It takes some people forever to get in my door and some people don’t even make it in. I can never tell who will make it in instantly and who will never make it in.

I am not a shy person, I just don’t feel like having idle conversations with strangers. If I don”t know you there is a 99% chance that I will not talk to you, so much so that if I am at a store and cannot find what I am looking for I will walk around the store for as long as it takes me to find my item instead of asking an employee where it is. If my item happens to be on a shelf where another customer is standing looking for something I will leave that aisle and go somewhere else until that person leaves, I will not say “excuse me” and reach around them, I’ll just come back when there is no one there, even if that is the only thing that I need to get. It’s not because I’m shy, I just don’t want to talk to that person even just to say ‘excuse me”.

My husband has the hardest time with me being an introvert, he is an extrovert and sometimes we clash. He will talk to anyone about anything and I don’t understand it, just like how he cannot understand how I refuse to talk to anyone I don’t know. We could be anywhere and he will just say how hello to people or strike up a conversation with a complete stranger for no other reason that to just talk to someone. There are times as well where we will get carry out from different places and I will make him order my food over the phone for me and when we go to pick it up, I will make him go inside and grab it for me. Sometime he refuses to do this because he tries to get me to be more open with people, it’s hard for me to be like that with people I don’t know, I am so afraid that if I talk to someone I don’t know that they will try to have a conversation with me and I will seem so rude if I don’t participate in it, usually I will slowly start walking away or just give yes and no answers. I should work on it but I probably won’t.

Thanks for reading! Andrea

Break A Leg…

My whole life I have been into sports, such as softball, swimming, dancing and volleyball (even though I’m only 5′ 3″). Needless to say with volleyball I rarely played in the front row, I usually got subbed out and stayed in the back row as a digger. I only started playing volleyball once I hit middle school and then only two years in high school. I swam my whole life until high school. Softball, I played from little league until my sophomore year. This was may favorite sport to play. I played catcher, third place and left outfield. The only time that it got frustrating for me was in high school, I could never keep up with the hand signals. I never understood what my coaches were trying to tell me and it always made me anxious, so I just pretended and nodded my head and just did what my instincts told me to do. Of course I would practice but I could never remember the signals. So, I didn’t try out my junior year. But that was OK because I still had dance. I enjoyed dance more than these other sports. I don’t even consider dance a sport, its art. You are telling a story with your body, with the right music and steps, it can be one of the most beautiful stories to tell.

I started dancing with I was three years old and continued until my senior year of high school. I stayed at the same studio for my entire career. It wasn’t one of those studios that competed nationally or anything like that, but it was a good studio. The instructors never made you feel like you were not good enough or put us down in anyway, They treated everyone the same and gave the same amount of attention to everyone. Us dancers were never made to feel like we were better or worse that our fellow dancers. In my book, that’s huge. We all got along like we were the best of friends. We got to enjoy the one reason why we were there together, our love of dance.

My first couple of years there, the only form of dance I took lessons for was Tap. That’s usually standard beginner lessons. It’s amazing the sounds that can come tap shoes. You can pretty much take away the music and still hear something beautiful come from it. As I improved my skill I added Jazz, this was a right of passage because you were “cool” when you get to the jazz level. Jazz was a brand new way to express yourself and tell a cool story, there were more positions and steps that you got to learn. Then depending on your interest and time, you could add Ballet. Which I did, which is the most beautiful form of dance. For many years that was I did, tap, jazz. Then I got a little daring and decided to take Point, for those of you that don’t know what that is, its ballot with shoes that allow you to raise up on your toes. I only did point for two years because I also was taking lyrical, which is a form of jazz but with shoes that are more like sandals. It is pretty much dancing in bare feet, with just enough material that the ball of your foot is covering so you can move without hurting yourself. They were a couple of years that I had seven routines to learn. It got to be too much, so I then went back to just tap, jazz and ballot. I have had many good times with dance and some sad times as well, but those are a whole other story 🙂 Thanks for listening, more to come…





My brief encounter with romance

I’ve been reading books for as long as I can remember. Of course, we have all started out reading or more likely were read to, Dr Seuss, Goodnight Moon, The Very Hungry Caterpillar among others. The staples of childhood. Then we progress to books such as The Babysitters Club, R.L. Steins Fear Street or Goosebumps and the daring few who read Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark. Which were probably the source of some of my nightmares! As the years go on the books get more mature. Now as an adult, I read about the supernatural, government conspiracies, murder mysteries, fantasy, books that are at least 500 pages with no pictures.

For me reading is better than watching TV or movies. The story I read actually plays out like a movie scene in my head. I don’t even see the words sometimes. Whene I get a moment of uninterrupted time to read it feels like I am actually in that world and when I come back to reality it takes me a moment to refocus my attention. Sort of like when you wake up from a dream and you’re not sure if you are still dreaming. I grow attached to the characters, not so much to the point where I feel like I know them and they’re friends, just more like I care if everything will work out for them in the end. Like the antagonist gets what they deserve and the protagonist gets the happy ending after everything they have been through. I mean, come on, it’s only fair right? Nothing is more upsetting to me in a book when the hero does not get the girl!

As much as I hate to admit this but I have read one and only one romance novel. As a female reader I sort of thought that it was my duty. One was enough. I knew what a romance novel was about, I knew that it was a love story with obstacles, however I did not realize how insanely tacky and appalling it was. I do of course apologize right now to those who love romance novels. I’m sorry.  The one I read and granted that maybe all are like this, portrayed the female lead as a dim-witted character. Not that I need the female to be the hero but at least make her logical. I’m not going to mention the book or author because I actually like this author and I have read other books that she wrote because she has gotten away from the traditional romance and has written much more intricate stories. Plus, I not here to rag on individuals. To each their own. I’m here to simple speak my thoughts. So with that said no more romance books for me!

That’s it for now, I share more thoughts about other stories soon……

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Another confession



I’m a tomboy. Always have been, always will be. I have never been into fashion, makeup, hairstyles or anything remotely having to do with what I look like. I love getting dirty and walking around barefoot. I wear minimal makeup, just eyeliner and mascara, never anything else. I don’t even no why I have a makeup bag at all, it mostly has nail files and clippers in there along with the eyeliner, sharpener and mascara. Maybe I should call it something different, maybe it should just be “that blue bag on my dresser”. I don’t wear any jewelry either, except my wedding ring, no bracelets, necklaces, earrings or other rings. I used to and I still have a jewelry box on the dresser with all the stuff I can’t seem to get rid of. It’s pretty bare but those were my favorite pieces and I guess I’m keeping them “just in case” because there are those times that I do need to dress up and need to look better than my usual.

I do however love to paint my nails, I always have some different color on them along with the toes! Can’t have bare toes, especially in the summer! And not to contradict myself from my previous statement above but I do love to wear dresses, not fancy dresses but summer dresses. I have more dresses in my closet than shorts or pants. Now, I don’t go to the popular stores and buy whatever just came in. I never pay full prices for clothes. For me it’s just not worth it.  I’m kinda of a slob in a way, I always get a stain on something. That’s why I never wear anything white. Even my wedding dress look like a hobo wore it by the end of the night! So, I usually like the Salvation Army or if I’m up for it I shop at the discount racks. It doesn’t matter to me if I’m wearing the latest thing, who cares. If you always wearing the “lastest fashion” then you’re always having to shop for new clothes. Who has time for that. I guess if you love to shop, then you’re set but I hate shopping. I go into a store scan the racks if something catches my eye then I get it, if nothing does then I’m out. Get in, get out. The clothes I do have in my closet I’ve had for years, I can’t remember the last time I shopped for clothes.

I only comb my hair like once a week, I don’t ever wear my hair just down. It’s always up in a high pony tail, a low one or it’s half up, half down. It’s too bouncy and curly to wear just down. I have long hair and will always have long hair.  The shorter my hair is the “poofier” it is. I cut my hair short once in hair school, like up to my chin. I have no idea what made me do this but I did. I cried. Totally regretted it. Have never done it again. There is nothing special about my hair, I just love my long hair. I don’t use any products in it. Just shampoo and conditioner. Then after the shower I let it air dry. All natural. I don’t spend time with things like. Not to say that the people who do are wasting their time or money. They’re not, for them its all worth it and that’s great. It’s not for me. i would rather be doing other things. Caring about other things. It doesn’t matter to me if other people think I look good. Its how I feel about myself.

Fathers Day Blues

I know it’s only early March and Father’s Day is in June but this is when I have to start thinking about a gift for my dad. It’s not like he impossible to shop for (ok, it is a little), it’s just that he shows little emotion. Nothing with him is “exciting!” “wonderful!” “awesome!” its always “that was good” “it was OK” “that’s fine”. What do you do with that? I know what he likes and loves. He’s a dork, like me. He loves Stars Wars, Star Trek, Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, crosswords and who doesn’t? (people who think they are too cool &#X1f609)  But when I ask him how he like the new Star Trek and Star Wars movies he says “they were good”. I mean what??? Just good? Not awesome! spectacular! better that than the originals! No emotion. So it takes me a long time to decide what to get him because I never know how well he is going to like something, if he even does.

My brother doesn’t have this problem, my brother just takes him golfing and gets him drunk. They have the best time. Don’t get me wrong here, I’m not jealous of this. My dad and I have great moments too. Just golfing? Nothing in the world is more boring than golfing. And besides, I don’t even drink. So I never get invited with them.  My dad took me to a driving range once when I was a teenager, I was so excited. Until we starting to hit the balls. We both quickly realized that this was not a game for me! I don’t think any one of my balls went further than ten feet. We stayed maybe twenty minutes, then my dad gave me this look, not a mean look, he never does that. It was a look that said “Yeah, this isn’t working”. So golf? No. Boring.

So what to do? I have in the past given him golf stuff for gifts, even that is boring. I done books, movies but he said not to waste my money on those because he doesn”t have time to read or watch. So what is he doing with his time? I figured out just recently that he likes his hobbies on his own time. Not when someone thinks he should do it. So I need to get him something that’s awesome but he doesn’t feel that he has to use right away. My parents live on a lake, so maybe lake toys? or tools? He did mention something about needing a plumber to install a water heater so I guess I could pay for that, lol. I don’t know. When I figured it out, I’ll let you know…

My Confession

The person in the video is not myself but watching this video inspired my post to follow….


This is me confessing that I’m an addict. A book addict, a reading addict. I love to read. Its like a drug to me. I always have a book with me, I almost get an anxiety attack if I forget to bring the current book I’m reading with me. What if I have a chance to read and I don’t have a book!!??? Even just for a few seconds. Gees! How awful would that be?! (not how awful it is to think that, how awful it is not to have a book when you have a chance to read one). Most definitely, I’m an addict. And I am completely okay with that.

The people who are around me the most comment on my love of books. My coworkers, friends, family and my husband. Everyone suggests that I should get a Kindle, that way I can bring all my books with me at all times! “It’s so great!” they say, “It’s so convenient!” they say. Everyone, that is, except my husband. Not because he doesn’t care but because he knows. He knows me more than anyone. He knows that its more than just a story to me. He knows that for me having a book in my hand is like holding a puppy (or a baby) but mostly a puppy &#X1f60a. The smell of a book is wonderful, whether its a new book or an old book. Each book has its own distinct smell. The older books have had a longer journey than new and each one smells different. You can almost guess as to what that book has been through if your allow your imagination to wander.

I tell my friends, family, coworkers that a Kindle is not a book. In my eyes that should be enough of an argument to get my point across but for some reason, it’s not for them. They don’t fully understand what a good book can be like. Flipping pages is not something that can be done on a Kindle, simply because there are no pages! You can’t flip a page without pages to flip. You can swipe, but where’s the fun in that? So, no Kindle for me thanks.

I know there are more people like me in the world, there’s has to be! We are the bookworms of the world! Without us, books would cease to exist, and what a terrible world that would be. I would not like to be apart of that world. That’s it for know, more to come later!


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Hello, great to be back.

Hi everyone, not really sure if this blog will even reach very many people but either way I am excited to have the ability to put my thoughts out into the world via the internet.  If you have read my about me page then you know that I have been feeling a bit bored with life and feel as if I am Bill Murray in the movie Groundhogs Day.  I have not put together any “real” blog posts just yet but I figured if I at least put up some kind of post today that I at least got started.  I do not have a set timeline as to when I might start posting on a more regular basis but I will get around to it sooner or later.  I am excited to use my noggin to make this blog a fun and exciting place to read about different things.  With a domain name with the words taste of life in it, the possibilities are endless, I may turn this into a restaurant or food blog, I could make it about the traveling that I do for work, or I could use it as a catalyst for myself to start trying some different things that I have been meaning to knock off of my bucket list.  I have become so trapped into my own limiting beliefs that I seemed to have realized that this life is my life and that I choose my destiny fully.  I trapped myself into corporate life and am finally realizing that I actually have the key to escaping but it only works if I decide to use it.  I am excited to be sharing this journey with you and hope that I can provide a bit of value to the internet.  Even if my blog only reaches a few people I will be happy so long as one person enjoys my writing.  If you happened across this blog please feel free to read a bit more about me over here and you can also make suggestions for future posts through my contact page.

Hope to see you back soon!